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Carolin Martwich
Carolin Martwich

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Line Up invests in digital corporate forest from Treedom

This year, Line Up is once again focusing on a sustainable Christmas present and is expanding the Line Up Forest, where the first trees were planted last year.

As procurement specialists, we are aware of the considerable CO2 emissions that can be caused by production and logistics, among other things. For this reason, our experts at Line Up are committed to sustainability and have decided to avoid sending Christmas gifts again this year, but to give trees instead.

Sustainable investment in the Line Up Forest: new trees for a positive ecological impact

As a contribution to the environment, we invest in the Treedom web platform, which promotes sustainable ecosystems by planting new trees. Last year the planting of the Line Up Forest started, which will be further developed this year with the planting of more trees. This measure not only creates new habitats for a variety of animal species, but also helps to filter pollutants from the air. We are also protecting soil and water resources. Our decision to focus on sustainable measures reflects our ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility and creating a positive ecological impact.

Sustainable forest development: Line Up and Treedom create positive ecological and social effects with 400 trees planted

Line Up has so far successfully planted a forest of 400 trees through its collaboration with Treedom. The trees, which are planted in socially disadvantaged regions, are selected according to individual preferences.

By using Treedom's CO2 calculator, which quantifies a person's individual CO2 emissions and at the same time shows the specific CO2 sequestration of different tree species, Line Up is able to specifically select different tree varieties.

Line Up can follow every step of the process in detail, from planting the trees to precise geolocation. Due to their pronounced transparency, Treedom and Line Up have striking similarities.

Line Up has already planted a large number of trees such as avocado, cashew and others together with Treedom. These activities not only contribute to ecological improvements, but also have a positive impact on communities in economically disadvantaged regions that we want to support.

Demonstrating sustainable commitment together

Line Up wants to actively contribute to the protection and development of nature and act as a role model. As a logistics company, social and ecological commitment is particularly important to Line Up. To this end, material Christmas gifts were once again dispensed with this year and investments were made in Treedom's corporate forest.

In the future, the CO2 emissions per order can also be viewed in our dashboard in order to sensitize each other to sustainable issues.

The Line Up team wishes you a peaceful and nice Christmas season and a happy new year 2024!

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