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Line Up Sampling: From prototype to series production

After our consultation for your tailor-made product, you now want to hold it in your own hands? You want to test and compare what your products can do in advance? We are happy to offer you the production of a prototype or reference samples at Line Up. In addition to the design, the materials, properties and colours used correspond to the later originals. Your tailor-made product in in-house production is manufactured under series conditions, so that you can optimally assess all the properties of the end product in the form of a prototype or your sampled product.

Sampling is an essential part for us, which forms the basis for quality assurance and customer satisfaction. We don't just want to meet your expectations, we want to exceed them. Therefore, several samplings after the initial sampling are no obstacle for the Line Up team to a successful and long-term partnership.

This process enables precise fine-tuning before actual production in order to make any necessary adjustments at an early stage. With Line Up as your partner, you can rely on a transparent, efficient and quality-oriented sampling process that paves the way for successful series production.

After approval, series production can start. And if you still want product improvements, that's no problem either. The expert team at Line Up is always there for you personally and advises you along the entire global supply chain. With our in-depth know-how, we design tailor-made solutions that are precisely tailored to your individual needs. Afterwards you can inform us about your change requests, take advantage of our personal consultation and place the order directly with Line Up.

Thoroughness comes first

Do you have everything you need for successful sampling? Perfect: we check whether the material data acquisition, design drawings and test plan meet the requirements. We also focus on the dimensions, the function, the later appearance, the surface properties and, of course, the process capability. If all the design details of the saleable product, including all subcomponents or individual parts, are also available, nothing stands in the way of successful sampling.

Our experts at Line Up attach particular importance to every detail and ensure that all components work together harmoniously to realise the optimal end product. Our goal is to precisely implement your vision into reality by personally accompanying and optimising every step from the first idea to the finished product.

In addition, our sampling procedure ensures that your products not only meet industry standards, but are also leading in terms of innovation and marketability. We use advanced technologies and methods to ensure comprehensive and precise sampling that takes into account all aspects of product development - from material selection to final and quality control. With Line Up at your side, our specialised sampling service ensures that every detail of your products is carefully checked and optimised for the highest quality to strengthen your market position and promote your company's growth.


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