PV-system for the climate at Line Up

Max Silanoglu
Max Silanoglu

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How the procurement specialist Line Up saves CO2 through a photovoltaic plant and electric mobility.

More than ever, companies must live up to their responsibility for the environment and society. The Mönchengladbach-based procurement specialist Line Up has also taken this to heart, where a photovoltaic system and electric vehicles have recently ensured that up to 55 tons of CO2 can be saved per year sustainably.

Those who want to access the procurement markets in Asia and reliable manufacturers for their product ideas have found in Line Up a partner they can trust unconditionally for 30 years. In the meantime, however, more and more customers and suppliers also want to trust how sustainably and environmentally friendly the company of choice operates. For this reason, and above all because Line Up itself is concerned about protecting the climate, it has decided to install its own photovoltaic system and to purchase new electric cars and bicycles.

Completely self-produced electricity

The photovoltaic plant now not only supplies the company building with the necessary electricity, but also enables four electric cars to be charged simultaneously via two additional charging stations that have been built. Thus, according to a statical forecast, the plant with an area of 503m2 saves up to 55 tons of CO2 annually.

"We ourselves want to do business in an environmentally friendly way and do something to protect the climate," says founder and managing director Mustafa M. Silanoglu, emphasizing the sustainable decision, and immediately adds: "Employees now have the opportunity to charge their vehicles conveniently and free of charge while at work. Step by step, all company cars are being converted to electric drive, and electric bicycles are also available for short trips."

Green energy for sustainable growth

In this way, Line Up is positioning itself sustainably for the future in order to grow even more sustainably with its employees. The company's own customers, associated logistics service providers and manufacturing companies in the Far East can also trust that the procurement specialist attaches importance to environmentally friendly processes. And that is a quality that is more important than ever in times of advancing climate change.

When would you like to recharge your procurement and product development with new energy? Contact us to turn your ideas into reality in a sustainable way!

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