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Strong partners for top logistics

With strong logistics partners, we bring your products quickly, safely and cost-effectively to the desired destination. We take care of the complete logistical handling of your project. Our locations in Germany and China make it possible with our experience in both markets.

No matter whether the goods are to go to the end customer, to a logistics centre, to your own warehouse or to the Line Up warehouse - you can rely on us throughout the supply chain. We adapt to your needs and find the perfect logistics solution for you. If required, we also cover distribution and fulfilment to the end customer. We can do logistics - for over 30 years.

At Line Up, we offer comprehensive logistics solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our expertise covers all major transport routes: air freight for fast deliveries, sea freight as a cost-effective solution for large volumes and rail freight as an additional alternative with excellent reach in Europe and Asia. Each of these options is supported by our experienced logistics team, which ensures that your goods reach their destination efficiently, safely and on time. Rely on Line Up to manage your logistics seamlessly and professionally.

Line Up is characterised by tailor-made logistics solutions that cover the entire process from order acceptance to direct delivery to the end customer. Our approach integrates efficient warehouse logistics with seamless logistics processing to ensure optimal customer satisfaction. Thanks to our global network, especially in key markets in Asia, we optimise logistical processes worldwide and offer our customers a decisive competitive advantage. We rely on advanced technologies such as the Line Up Supply Chain Dashboard to make our fulfilment processes transparent and efficient. This innovative tool enables our customers to view and manage orders, location data and accompanying documents in real time. The dashboard provides constant updates and a clear overview of all processes, enabling our customers to stay informed and respond quickly to changes. In addition to these digital tools, Line Up places great value on personal customer service. Each customer receives a fixed contact person who provides individual support and fast, effective solutions for any challenges in the fulfilment process. Our goal is not only to optimise logistical processes, but also to build a trusting and long-term relationship with our customers.

Including storage and shipping

With our spacious warehouse in Mönchengladbach, we also offer you the option of storing your products and picking and dispatching them for you if required. Take advantage of our services, which range from logistics and storage to complete fulfilment solution.

Regardless of your industry or products, we offer you the right logistics solution. With your fixed, personal contact person from Line Up, you can start your individual procurement process without communication and cultural barriers. Whether you need series production of your individual product or want to procure smaller order quantities - Line Up is your expert for a variety of logistical processes. You can easily store your goods in the Line Up warehouse at the Mönchengladbach location or receive them as a direct delivery at the desired location.

Ask us - we deliver your products exactly as you want them. And make sure that your customers receive them just as reliably.


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