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Max Silanoglu
Max Silanoglu

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Tree by tree to more sustainability: Instead of investing in Christmas presents, the Mönchengladbach-based procurement specialist prefers to invest in a greener future.

Every year, companies send out a flood of Christmas gifts. And even if they are "only" appreciative little things, the logistics and transport alone cause a lot of CO2 emissions. Line Up itself uses global supply chains, aims to act sustainably and wants to give something back: Instead of Christmas presents, this year they are investing in Treedom's corporate forest.

This is one climate protection measure that joins others: Just last year, the Mönchengladbach-based procurement specialist invested in the installation of its own photovoltaic system and new electric cars in order to save more than 55 tons of CO2 per year.

Treedom lets trees speak for business

The Treedom web platform makes it possible to have trees planted in various countries around the world. All project news can be followed live. Line Up's company forest of around 200 trees can also be viewed digitally and the amount of CO2 offset can be clearly displayed. In total, more than 60 tons of CO2 will be saved. The Line Up Forest can be viewed at the following link. The development of each individual tree can also be tracked in the future: Line Up Forest

Another advantage of the project is that, in addition to the sustainable aspect, the social and economic aspect is also given and the local people involved can make a living from it. This is because the trees, which are mainly fruit and utility trees, are planted by local smallholders and benefit them in the long term. For example, to create food security and new jobs, or to strengthen the local infrastructure. In addition, Treedom finances smaller agroforestry projects that preserve biodiversity and support local communities.

Acting for a more sustainable future

Line Up's goal is to strengthen its own social and ecological commitment. Together with Treedom and Tree by Tree. To this end, the company's own dashboard will soon offer a way to compensate for the environmental impact caused by an order.

This is how Line Up is positioning itself sustainably for the future and wishes everyone a reflective Christmas season and a successful New Year.

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