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Max Silanoglu
Max Silanoglu

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In global supply chains, transparency is a big plus. With the Supply Chain Dashboard developed by Line Up, customers have everything in view.

How the procurement specialist digitizes global supply chains for more transparency

More than ever, global supply chains need to be as transparent as possible. The new supply chain dashboard developed by Line Up helps customers of the Mönchengladbach-based procurement specialist maintain an overview.

Less risk of failure and more resilience are two major advantages of a transparent supply chain. The more up-to-date information is, the lower the risk that supply bottlenecks, failures or delays will threaten your own business. But how can you always know what's going on in the supply chain? And how do you know where in the world the products you have ordered are currently located?

Answers are provided by Line Up's newly developed Supply Chain Dashboard, which offers customers a transparent view of what the current logistics status is. This not only increases their own satisfaction, but also strengthens their trust in Line Up as a future-proof procurement partner that ensures a digitalised supply chain. As Line Up is a family business, the communication channels in the procurement process are short. Thanks to the dashboard, Line Up has the opportunity to further develop e-procurement and offer its customers even faster response times.

All orders at a glance at all times

In the "Orders" view, all open and past orders can be viewed together with the corresponding documents. Here you can see all ordered products with the corresponding delivery status and the current position at any time. Another advantage is the display of the corresponding line-up contact in the dashboard, which still promises a personal relationship despite all the advancing digitalisation of the supply chain. Within this framework, Line Up serves various industries whose respective products can be found in the dashboard.

Real-time location data via AIS Data

To ensure that customers know where their ordered goods are at all times, location data is obtained in real time via AIS Data (Automated Identification System). Both via satellite data and via ground stations, which enables the tracking of ships transiting oceans as well as remote waterways with a high frequency.

AIS Data is an automatic and autonomous positioning system widely used in shipping for the exchange of navigational information between terminals equipped with AIS. The dynamic information is sent automatically at regular intervals together with static information provided by the ship's crew. With the help of special software, it can then be processed and displayed by the Line Up Supply Chain Dashboard.

The whole world on one dashboard

If you switch to the "Dashboard" view, you will find an intuitively usable overview of all current orders, turnover over time and other information that you can use immediately. And if the status of an order changes, the customer immediately receives a message via e-mail or dashboard notification.

Speaking of overview: all current orders and their respective locations are shown on a digital map of the world in the Line Up Dashboard. This also makes it clear at all times whether and when the ship has arrived at the terminal and is ready for unloading.

Would you also like to digitalise your procurement processes and supply chains with an innovative partner? Contact us and arrange a demo appointment - we would be happy to show you in person how our Supply Chain Dashboard can make your global supply chains more transparent.

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