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Production security and stable supply chain despite times of crisis: How China Sourcing can maintain competitiveness.

China Sourcing: Production security despite the crisis
Max Silanoglu

Learn how transparency in global supply chains through digitalization and supply chain dashboards strengthens crisis resilience.

Digitalization of the supply chain
Max Silanoglu

How the procurement specialist Line Up relies on New Work and coworking at its new Hamburg location.

Press release: Line Up focuses New Work in Hamburg
Max Silanoglu

In global supply chains, transparency is a big plus. With the Supply Chain Dashboard developed by Line Up, customers have everything in view.

Press release: Supply Chain Dashboard from Line Up
Max Silanoglu

How the Chinese holidays affect the global supply chain and how you can keep track of all the dates with our calendar.

Chinese New Year influences supply chains
Jan Silanoglu

How the procurement specialist Line Up saves CO2 through a photovoltaic plant and electric mobility.

Press release: Line Up for more climate protection
Max Silanoglu


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