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Max Silanoglu
Max Silanoglu

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How the procurement specialist relies on New York and coworking at its new Hamburg location.

The world of work has changed fundamentally: Many processes run automatically and teams work together on site in the office, interdisciplinary as well as virtually from different locations. With a new coworking location in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, Line Up is meeting the new requirements.

The topic of New Work is high on the Line Up agenda, as the procurement specialist from Mönchengladbach is applying modern forms of work near Hamburg's Jungfernstieg. The community approach practised in the newly occupied coworking space is intended to ensure a constant exchange with people and companies from a wide range of sectors and to generate new ideas, approaches and solutions.

What New Work means for Line Up

New Work is shaped by increasing digitalisation, connectivity and demographic change. The central values are divided into personal freedom, personal responsibility and participation in the community. In addition, there are increasingly agile fields of work that can arise at any time and anywhere.

For Line Up, this means adapting modern work and space structures that meet the requirements for open communication, personal well-being and flexibility in thinking, acting and working together. Short distances are also important. At the same time, employees need privacy and focus zones so that individual creativity can flourish. The new coworking concept offers the best conditions for this. First, there will be a test phase with a few selected employees, and then the concept of new work will be gradually expanded.

Key advantages of the coworking concept

More self-determination: The principle of coworking creates freedom for more self-determination. Because the community approach is less about strict hierarchies and more about developing innovative solutions in a self-responsible culture of trust. Line Up wants to integrate this more firmly into its corporate culture.

Mixed teams instead of homogeneous departments: In the coworking space, individual networks can flourish for each project, connecting people from the most diverse departments and backgrounds. Detached from rigid departmental structures, defined project goals can be pursued even more effectively.

Evolution from tradition to innovation: The community's world of ideas is a fertile breeding ground from which diverse projects and, as a result, new products and services can develop. This creative dynamic reflects Line Up's corporate culture, which is based on openness, collaboration and innovation. In our inspiring coworking environment, we actively promote the exchange of ideas and create space for collaborative projects that shape our corporate culture and generate innovative solutions.

Win-win for growth and employees

Those who grow must hire qualified people and create new work spaces. And companies that practise New Work are more attractive, especially for young professionals of generations Y and Z. They are looking for meaning in their work, want to develop more and feel valued. Because they are looking for a sense of purpose in their work, want to develop themselves more, evolve and feel valued.

Employers like Line Up, who actively support these values and orient themselves to the new needs, position themselves competitively for the future. The integration of young, motivated generations and an innovative coworking approach enable joint growth for Line Up, characterized by fresh ideas and creative dynamics. Properly implemented, New Work is therefore a win-win situation for companies and employees alike.

Coworking as the first step into the new working future

In order for the new working model to endure, New Work should become a living part of the corporate culture. This can only succeed if the concept is anchored in the corporate guidelines and the staff is actively involved in the entire development. In this way, an individual design concept is created step by step that takes into account the corporate culture as well as the needs of young and veteran employees alike.

Line Up has taken the first step: the new location in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg and the community approach practised in the newly occupied coworking space ensure that the procurement specialist is optimally equipped for the future of work.

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