Strong partnerships for 30 years

Carolin Martwich
Carolin Martwich

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Mustafa Silanoglu

For three decades, Line Up has been characterized by strong and lasting partnerships, both with customers and suppliers. We have also taken our anniversary in China as an opportunity to thank our long-standing partners for three decades of successful cooperation.

China branch

Since the beginning of our activities, we have maintained a close connection to production in order to act as a link between our customers, production and procurement. The presence of our own branch in China, supported by our competent local team, enables us to respond quickly, individually and reliably to the needs of our customers.

Chinese branch

In recent years, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, global supply chains have been under severe strain. Despite the unpredictable challenges that many companies have faced, we have managed to keep our supply chains stable and ensure a continuous flow of goods.

Big celebration for the 30th anniversary

In 2023, we were finally able to travel to China again after a long period of restricted travel. We used this opportunity to celebrate our anniversary at our Chinese location together with more than 60 of our most important partners. We proudly reflected on three decades of successful cooperation and at the same time looked to the future with great expectations. In his speech, our Managing Director Mustafa Silanoglu emphasized the importance of these local partnerships and paid tribute to the past 30 years.

30 years line up celebration China

Max Silanoglu also gave an inspiring outlook for the future in his speech, emphasizing the continued importance of innovation and strong partnerships.

Max Silanoglu 30th anniversary China

The all-round successful evening was accompanied by live music and various show acts, which created an entertaining atmosphere and made the event an unforgettable experience.

Live Music

A Chinese dance group enriched the evening with their performance. Dressed in traditional costumes, they performed an elegant mix of classical and modern Chinese dance.

Dance Group

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