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Die Casting

Shaping through force and precision: Explore the world of die casting

Die Casting

Die casting: Basic principles of the process

Die casting is a manufacturing process in which molten metal is injected under pressure into a steel mold. The pressure is maintained during the solidification of the metal to ensure that the metal completely fills the mold, the desired surface quality achieved and the dimensional tolerances are met. The molds needed for die casting are made of high-strength steel and for a long-term use designed. Die casting is mainly used for the production of metal components in large quantities and is characterized by the ability to produce parts with complex shapes, high precision and excellent surface quality. In addition, die casting is characterized by the rapid cooling of the component, which is a fine-grained structure achieved, which gives the component good mechanical properties. Die casting can be carried out with a variety of metals, with aluminum, zinc, magnesium and copper alloys being used for the most part.

Die casting - advantages & procedures

Die casting: Strengths and implementation method

Advantages of die casting at Line Up

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    Fast processing

    The experts at Line Up work with the latest machines and can create your first sample in no time.

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    Custom shapes

    Line Up can manufacture your die-cast component according to your specifications and take into account individual casting molds.

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    Various materials

    Line Up can use various materials for die casting.

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    Certifications and test reports

    Line Up can provide certifications, product tests and test reports.

Die Casting


Cold chamber die casting

Cold chamber die casting is specifically used for metals with high melting points such as aluminum, magnesium or copper alloys. The molten metal is loaded into a separate casting chamber that is not directly heated. From there, the metal is pressed into the steel mold by a hydraulically operated piston under high pressure.


Hot chamber die casting

Hot chamber die casting is primarily used for metals with low melting points such as zinc, various magnesium alloys and lead. In this die casting process, the casting chamber is part of the melting furnace. This allows the liquid metal to be fed directly into the mold. The pressure in the mold is generated by a piston integrated in the furnace.

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