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Bending: Insights into bending technology

Bending, often referred to as bending, is a sheet metal processing method. In bending, sheets are bent along a line using a bending machine or press brake into the desired shape brought. These bending machines exert pressure that exceeds the elastic limits of the material, creating a permanent deformation is created. Modern bending techniques range from manual methods to highly advanced CNC-controlled systems, which have high accuracy and repeatability. Bending is characterized by flexibility, sheets without material loss to bring into a variety of shapes. This makes bending a efficient and cost-effective process in metal processing.

Bending - advantages & procedures

Bending: Benefits and procedure

Advantages of bending at Line Up

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    Fast processing

    The experts at Line Up work with the latest machines and can create your first sample in up to 14 days.

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    Custom shapes

    Line Up offers a variety of options for bending sheets to meet your specifications.

  • Various bending processes Icon

    Various bending processes

    Line Up covers the most common bending processes and will be happy to advise you individually for your application.

  • Certifications and test reports Icon

    Certifications and test reports

    Line Up can provide certifications, product tests and test reports.



Manual bending

In manual bending, the sheet metal is pressed by hand against a backstop and bent manually over an edge. Manual bending is often used for simple tasks or the production of a prototype.


Mechanical bending

Mechanical bending is done by press brakes or bending machines that are operated by mechanical forces. Mechanical bending is a reliable process for small quantities.


Hydraulic bending

Hydraulic bending uses press brakes or bending machines to press the punch using a hydraulic cylinder that bends the sheet metal. Hydraulic bending allows precise control of the bending operation and enables the production of larger quantities with high repeatability.

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