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Products for the construction industry

We feel home in the construction industry and are there for you throughout the entire supply chain

In the construction industry, we have been implementing customised products for a long time, while at the same time optimising the entire supply chain. We take care of everything beyond manufacturing and production. So that your products are optimally implemented and because economic efficiency is crucial in all industrial processes.

Procurement and logistics from a single source

For our client in the construction industry, who distributes building materials and system solutions, we had to procure various construction elements and ensure smooth logistics. In order to meet the high quality and safety standards of construction elements, a continuously delivered high quality level was required above all.


From prototype to finished component

In the first step, we produced prototypes and tested different galvanisation methods. Subsequently, the stamping and bending tools required for series production were manufactured and final samples were produced for approval. To ensure the highest possible punching accuracy, the Line Up quality team not only tested the products for the construction industry itself, but also regularly checked the condition of the tools used in production.


Reliable partner for the construction industry

Today, we ensure that everything runs smoothly and that our customer can concentrate fully on the core business. Even more: For more than 15 years, we have maintained strong and reliable partnerships with many customers in the construction industry. With trust and appreciation, the joint business relationships have been able to grow steadily. When do you rely on our expertise?



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